What is your mission?

Active shooter, Bugout, Home defense, Vehicle rig, Sustainment, Covering a long distance, Response rig, Get home on foot during a civil unrest rig?

With so many circumstances…

Here is an example of a rig that you carry in your truck to cover the following situations:

  • -Vehicle rig
  • -Active shooter
  • -Vehicle down and on foot in civil unrest

Standard items that should be on your Plate Carrier:

  • -Level IIA or IIIA soft armor (IIA stops up to .45 / IIIA stops .44 mag)
  • -Level III or Level IV Ballistic Plates (III stops rifle -556 & 7.62 -.308 / IV Stops up to 30-06 Armor piercing)
  • -More plates equal more protection but equals more weight
  • -Less plates equal mobility, speed and comfort

Pouches – Front

  • -Minimum 2 pistol mags (First line gear 2 mag on your belt)
  • -Minimum 3 rifle mags on your carrier (First line gear 1 mag on your belt and 1 in your gun= 5 total)
  • -Self-aid med kit, small


You must be able to adjust your kit for contingencies

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