Shadow Valley Weapons is a southern Arizona type-07 manufacturer that has been developing and manufacturing machine guns and weapons accessories for the last 10 years. They pride themselves on building products for the most demanding and punishing situations.

The SVCOMP is their new baby. As you would expect, it reduces recoil and eliminates muzzle rise (even on full auto). The SVCOMP also has some clever bonus features, among them, a glass breaker and a wire cutter.

Designed to work at night and with night vision, the ports in the SVCOMP have a 12 o’clock port void which causes the flash to disperse away from the shooter’s line of sight. This saves the shooter’s night vision and avoids flares in night vision devices.

If you have ever tried to the break laminated safety glass in a vehicle, you know how hard it can be. But use the right tool, and it shatters and falls away with a single tap. The SVCOMP includes a glass-break tip. While using your primary weapon to break a window probably shouldn’t be your first choice, it is a nice feature to have in a rapidly evolving situation where there is no time to get out a dedicated glass breaker.


The wire cutter feature can come in handy when you need to move fast and don’t have time to dig out the right tool. If you are getting shot at, no one is going to notice the noise you make—just hook the wire into the slot and fire to sever it.

SVCOMP Specifications

  • Caliber: .223
  • Thread:  1/2X28 TPI
  • Overall length:  2.25″
  • Diameter:  0.850″
  • Material:  4142 chrome moly steel
  • Insert tip:  S7 tool steel
  • Finish:  Manganese phosphate (“Parkerized”)
  • Installation:  3/4″ SAE
  • Rated: Full auto

Shadow Valley Weapons believes that planning for the worst-case scenario is your best option. Their products are designed by professionals for professionals.

Get your SVCOMP for  $75 here.

(Images courtesy of Shadow Valley Weapons)