Name: Sharon Friedman
Position: IDF infantry marksman plus comm demo and the rest when needed.
First line gear (always on me either in pockets or in a small E&E pouch from Blackhawk aged 15 years )

2 M-4 mags held together by a Tsolevet (a device which holds two mags together at an angle for quick reload, If you don’t care to make one simply use a spent cartridge, press it with pliers and attach the two magazines with duct tape)
1 small Flash bang grenade for entry or disorientation for E&E
1 Swiss-tool in a belt pouch
1 box cutter with more blades
2 Allen wrenches since they tend to get lost when people ask for them
2 meters of weapon cleaning cloth for any use including blindfolds and  bandage
8 zip ties
1 small roll of duct tape
1 roll of electric tape
1 Bic lighter
10 meters of steel wire
1 sewing kit with buttons and safety pins all pre threaded
1 drop bottle of paraffin oil to avoid skin problems
1 glowing car compass
1 stick of sun screen
1 packet of rice paper for the optics
1 pair of quality tweezers
1 ballistic chart for small arms
2 large rubber bands for the bottoms of the pants (very useful against rodents and insects)
2 different medical tape for hands and for private parts
1 small pack of sticky labels for marking wounded who are sticky and doors
1 Right in the rain pocket book
1 small Sharpie
2 pens since one always tends to get lost
1 Locktite tube with a top that actually does not glue itself shut and dry
3 meters of para-cord
1 small car mirror good for corners and self inspection
1 diamond sharpener and one small sharpener for SAK blades
1 small bottle of Tuf-Glide. It works
1 bottle of spestal. It is a medical cream that tends to cure all.
1 Princeton Tec Impulse red light on the collar button hole.

1 M-4 with either a Acog Trijicon 4*40 or Akila starlight 4*40

Vest gear:
Weapon department:
1 small two sided camouflage net brown and green
8 30 round M-4 magazines (2 more on the M-4)
8 ammo boxes each with 30 5.56 rounds
4 fragmentation grenades
1 Smoke-phosphorous grenade
1 small Motorola radio with either a range extended or encryption unit or both and batteries.
1 2AA flashlight giving both strobe and max 230 lumen
1 Swamp rat Camp tramp knife when it makes sense to carry a big knife or a Mora knife for most cases
2 Israeli field dressing bandages
1 airway
1 Medic shears
1 ready tourniquet
1 pair of blackhawk knee-pads
1 real woolen hat
1 pair of Nomex gloves in green
1 Indian made Shemag which actually filters the fine dust from entering the lungs
1 pair of socks (only real wool and no blends)
1  3 meters if climbing rope with 8 type shackle
Food and water:
6 litter hydration pouch in the back pouch which has slots to place it so you can drink without hand manipulation
2 bags of beef jerky which is enough for 4-6 days depending on the mileage