If you haven’t figured it out already I have a thing for edged weapons. I’ve done quite a few reviews on knives, both fixed blade and folding. I’ve also discussed the importance of maintaining your knives at home and in the field. I guess one of the things that really draws me to knives and other edged weapons is the fact that those were the primary weapons early on. Many warriors of the past used different forms of fixed blades or axes. They also learned how to maintain their weapons on the battlefield. One of those groups was the Vikings.

I recently stumbled upon a new sharpening stone. This one is unique in that it is a replica Viking Whetstone Pendant. Available from Wazoo Survival Gear for $30, I had to check one out.

From Wazoo Survival Gear:

In a survival scenario, the #1 resource is your mind. The #2 resource is the tools you have on you. A knife is considered by many as the most fundamental survival tool. To survive, both need to remain sharp.

A dull knife is a dangerous knife. A sharp knife is a safe knife. Dull=Dangerous Sharp=Safe

Keeping a knife sharp, especially while out in the field, has been an issue since blades were first carried. Over 1000 years ago, Iron Age Vikings actually had a solution to this problem: Whetstone Pendants. A small piece of stone used for sharpening that had a hole so that a leather strap could be tethered.

Sharpen a Knife like a Viking Warrior
LEFT: Genuine Viking Whetstone Artifact; Circa 800-1500 AD RIGHT: A fragment of a Roman to Medieval pendant whetstone; Circa 43-1500 AD

We wanted to put a modern twist on this legendary tool so we maintained the original concept but made them in the USA with a USA quarried stone and high quality leather. It is believed that Vikings suspended these from their belt. However, it is not exactly clear, even to scholars, how the Vikings wore these pendants. We laced ours with a versatile, adjustable leather cord and packed it in a USA-Made muslin pouch so you get to choose how to wear it or carry it. Wear it around the neck for the most Ragnariest looking necklace you’ve ever seen, cinch it all the way down so that it can be hitched to your belt or clipped onto your pack, or simply pocket it while still contained in the hand-stamped muslin pouch.

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Images courtesy of Wazoo Survival Gear