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Sharps Brothers – Getting Scrap Jacked

Richard Kilgore and Jake Call

The new (-ish) product in the Sharps Bros. lineup is called the Scrap Jack, and each one is actually the result of a failure identified during the QC process. If a “Jack” (one of the Sharps Brothers unique rifle styles) doesn’t pass muster, they recoup a small portion of the loss by chopping the skull half off the lower and making it available for sale. The skull portion being the most unique and immediately recognizable portion of Jack AR15 and AR10s, there is a significant (if initially unexpected) demand. People use them as business card holders, pen holders, field expedient bludgeons in extremis1, or just whatever works best for their individual feng shui. As you can imagine, those who display them at the office tend to engender quite a bit of conversation thereby.

Grunts: engender.

Sharps Brothers – Getting Scrap Jacked

Sharps Brothers founder and owner John Sharps readily admits to his surprise at the response the Scrap Jack has received.

“They’re actually very costly mistakes,” Sharps tells us. “When a Jack fails the QC process, rather than scrap the aluminum we cut off the front half and throw it up on the website for $50. I have received literally hundreds of requests for these things.”

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