We live in an age of retro manly celebration, paralleled by metro men and emo kids… Sadly, that is the fact of the matter. While some choose to walk the earth wearing a many battle bush, others combine a beard with long hair, skinny jeans and… sandals.

There is a classic shaving revival that runs parallel to the trending ‘beardedness’ as well. It makes a guy wonder, “is it even possible to split hairs between the two?”

Per usual, I am just the type to try. I have never been a big fan of shaving on a regular basis. I even keep a doctor’s note handy, in case of “emergency”. I had always been the type to get a few weeks growth going on and then shave that down to the start of a beard, then to something less, like a goatee. My facial hair configuration would shift frequently. I even rocked a respectable handlebar mustache at one point, mustache wax and all.

When I did shave however, I always made an event of it. I would lay out the tools, take my pick and go to work. What was in this shaving kit you ask?

Well, I’ve got a Schick M26 that was issued to my father when he was drafted for Vietnam, a Gillette butterfly razor (the type that takes the two sided razor blade), a Schick Xtremem 3 (my longest standing modern razor) and a Dovo Savette that represents my half hearted attempt at entry  into the world of straight razor shaving.

Of course I also have a brush for applying my C.O. Bigelow shave cream, a bottle of Club man after shave, a bottle of Olga Bay rum after shave and even menthol vanishing cream. I am sure that to some this makes me sound like a shaving fanatic, but to others my collection would prove that I have only dabbled in the craft.

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