Cologne, focus and portable power

If you’re deep in the game, on the road, working from multiple locations or always on the move, then you understand the need for portable power.

Though I’m not a “writer” I am a person who writes 5 hours a day. Being that I’m designed to be outdoors, or anywhere but cooped up in an office, I find myself, and my laptop, in many different places as I work to remain inspired and energetic. Outdoors or in a coffee shop tend to be my favorite. Obviously power is an issue for me.

If you think that you’re not the “Portable” office type, think again. It opens up your creativity and can help you focus like nobody’s business. Like right now for example. Even though the guy sitting next to me clearly spilled an entire bottle of cologne on himself this morning, it’s not stopping me from writing this. You see he provided inspiration. In this case it’s coming along with a touch of nausea, but inspiration is inspiration. So quick note to the fellas. Unless you work in a strip club in Vegas It’s never okay to wear cologne during the workday.

Musical Power Chairs

There are many smaller power devices available that can juice up your phone, but we don’t see that many power options powerful enough to kick your laptop back alive for another cycle of use. Most options are limited to “USB” powered devices which is cool, but you can’t really communicate or create very effectively without something bigger.

Since I habitually come up short when it come to “Musical Power Chairs” at my local coffee shop, I had to find something that I could keep with me and keep my laptop going. Middle finger in the air pointed right at the guy who camps out by the plug all day playing facebook and watching YouTube videos all day.

Enter the Sherpa 50 Power pack:

This little pack of power had the magical words I’ve been searching for written in its description: “The Sherpa 50 Recharger is best used with your laptop and…”

It’s small enough in size, so it’s easy to keep in a backpack, briefcase or really big “murse”. It has ports for your standard electronic equipment and can produce 1 entire laptop charge.

An important note is to make sure you buy the Sherpa’s inverter “sidecar”. It attaches to the unit allowing you to plug in, and use, a standard 110 Volt power cord. Like the one that powers Macbook Pros. I’ve no idea why this would be sold separately but since the alternative is sitting on the lap of creepy dude who always gets the “Power Chair”, I don’t mind. I’ve gone to much greater lengths to avoid sitting in many a dudes lap.

Here are some “Tech Specs” that matter:

There are three ways to recharge the Sherpa 50.

  1. Recharge from the wall – takes about 3 hours.
  2. Recharge from your car using 12V port. – takes about 3 hours
  3. Plug it into a solar panel and place in the sun – takes about 5 hours.

Where it stands in the “power food chain”. 


Sherpa 50 chart Sherpa 50 charging picture



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You can find it here: Goal Zero Sherpa

If you’re looking for something smaller, go here: Switch 8 Power Pack

What portable power options have you been using?