By Matthew Sharp

Prometheus Design Werx first unveiled their S.H.A.D.O. Pack to the general public about a year ago during SHOT Show. While there was a bit of a wait before they were available, as soon as they went live, I placed my order immediately and was pretty excited to get my hands on the pack.

Since that time, I’ve run it through its paces in a wide variety of situations and have found it to be a very versatile, comfortable and capable pack. Perhaps best of all, it’s one that doesn’t immediately and loudly scream “tactical” to the environment as a whole. The name of the pack derives from the acronym SHADO, which stands for “Suspension, Haul, Access, Durability, Organized.” I’ve found all these principles to be apparent in the design.

Shining Light on the S.H.A.D.O. Pack from Prometheus Design Werx

Designed by Patrick Ma and the fine folks at Prometheus Design Werx, the S.H.A.D.O. is a 28 liter pack designed and built entirely in the United States. The focus on functionality and attention to detail is visible throughout the design. The end result is a superbly constructed day-pack, which works as anything from a well-organized range pack, to a couple-of-day camping pack, to a carry-on friendly 5-day trip pack, to a comfortable “every day carry” pack.

In addition to the pack, there are accessories that can be added at will by the user, depending on his or her needs. These include internal organization panels like the EDCO Panel, the Gear Trap, a padded “Trail or Fight” belt modification (the pack ships with a 2” webbing belt, by default, which can be added or removed based on need) and a handful of loop-backed and PALS backed pouches, as well.

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Photos courtesy of ITS Tactical