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On my way to the Goldfinger Reloaded event in Andermatt, I first make a two day stop in Zürich for an underground mission. Upon arrival in this largest city of Switzerland I meet with a friend who is best described as the Swiss ‘Tiger Tanaka’, since he is the head of the local ninja organisation of the Bujinkan Zürich Dojo (www.ninja.ch). The Dojo works hard in the traditional japanese martial arts, a Combat Judo similar to the Bond-era Judo and they live the Bond Lifestyle.

Shooting the Bond handguns in Switzerland
A stylish reception in the hotel room, with compliments of the Swiss ‘Tiger Tanaka’

After being received in Bond style at a local hotel, I meet Tanaka and we make our way to an underground shooting range in the center of the town Winterthur (www.naturaktiv.ch).

Tanaka explains that he wants to introduce me to the Bond firearms according to the famous video by Major Boothroyd, so the next time I watch it, I can really feel it to what Major Boothroyd tries to explain to the Bond fans.

After putting on 3M Peltor earmuffs and earplugs, and a brief introduction to gun handling and safety, I am handed a large frame Smith & Wesson Target Revolver in .357 Magnum, but with lighter .38 rounds.

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