The Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol from Next Level Training let’s you train the basics of trigger control, grip, sight picture and sight alignment in perfect safety. There is a ton of training for firearms that can be done without a single round fired. Dry fire training is something that every serious shooter should do when they can’t get to the range.

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SIRT allows you to stress the basics at home. The downside to dry fire training is that you receive zero feedback from the weapon. There is also the enhanced risk of accidentally putting a hole in your wall and harming someone else.

That risk is minimal for any experienced shooter. The real threat comes from those who benefit the most from dry fire training — new shooters.

The SIRT training pistol is a dry fire solution that provides feedback for the shooter, and it is completely safe. For NRA instructors, the SIRT system is an invaluable training aid. It looks and feels like a real gun, down to the weight of the magazine.

The two primary models are based on the Glock 17/22 and the Smith & Wesson M&P full size. At SHOT Show 2017, they also introduced a compact pistol variant.

How it Works

What the SIRT does is simple. Every time you pull the trigger it “fires” a laser. This laser tells you where you’d be hitting. The laser itself can be adjusted for windage and elevation to ensure it’s hitting where the sights lay.

The laser stays on until the trigger is released so you can observe your pattern.

The SIRT pistols cannot be modified to fire live rounds. It features brightly colored slides — red slides are the standard, but I have seen green slides as well. It’s impossible to mix up a SIRT training pistol with a real pistol.


The SIRT pistol has numerous uses. I’ve isolated those uses among two types of shooters: individuals and instructors.

Individuals, being the everyday Joe who wants an efficient and easy to use dry fire tool. I’m playing fast and loose with the definition of an instructor; but in this case, it’s absolutely anyone teaching someone else. This doesn’t have to be a pro shooter. It can be a dad teaching his kids, or an NRA (National Rifle Association) certified instructor teaching weapons handling.


As an individual, the SIRT pistol is perfect for basic dry fire training. You can learn to use and appreciate dry fire when you have a little feedback. The SIRT makes this possible.

Its realistic construction and weight make it perfect to train in more advanced tactics too. Since they resemble actual guns, they fit in actual holsters. This lets shooters train on their draw stroke.

Individual shooters with SIRT pistols can also train their reloading skills. The magazines of these weapons are removable. You can purchase weighted magazines to replicate the feeling of fully loaded mags.

I know from experience that standard Glock mags fit in the Glock model SIRT pistol. This allows to replicate an empty magazine and replace it with your included full magazine.

Lastly, in one of the concealed carry classes, a college student brought up an interesting point. She couldn’t keep her gun in the dorm so she couldn’t dry fire. She could, however, have a SIRT pistol to train with.

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With that in mind, this is a great tool for training for those living in places where they can’t keep a gun.

This includes:

  • dorm-bound college students
  • military members in the barracks
  • minors who are shooters who want a way to train when their parents aren’t present


The instructor’s entire curriculum was changed by the addition of SIRT pistols. SIRT even offers a discount for NRA instructors that’s quite attractive.

SIRT training pistols are great for the indoor portion of concealed carry classes. The SIRT should be still handled as if it was a real gun to enforce safe handling but it completely eradicates risk from the class.

It allows to quickly demonstrate the different parts of a handgun and how they function without worrying about clearing the gun.

It is also perfect when doing hands-on training with new shooters. In these conditions, you can calm some nerves by using a SIRT training pistol and again eliminate the risk of an ND.

You can also maneuver around a student who’s using the SIRT to observe any bad habits they may have. The entire time the instructors are not at risk, and neither is anyone else.

Additionally, in more advanced classes, it can be used to simulate force on force to a degree. The red laser shows when and where you got hit. Of course, you need to wear dark eye protection due to the laser.

However, it’s a great system to reinforce how important draw speed and accuracy is in a combat situation.

Laser Targets

The SIRT is compatible with a wide variety of laser targets from companies like LaserLyte, iTarget, the Atlas 8, and much more. These targets provide feedback for the shooter and can make training way more challenging and a lot of fun.

These laser targets vary in price and function but are another excellent addition after you get the SIRT training pistol. Heads up, the Laser Ammo Targets do not work with a SIRT pistol, don’t make that expensive mistake.

I like my SIRT pistol and find it to be an awesome addition to my training regimen. It is ideal for training safely at home.

It’s the perfect tool for any shooter looking to up their gun handling skills.


About author:

Almo is a firearm enthusiast, an avid hunter, and a strong lifelong 2nd amendment supporter. Outdoors, hunting and shooting were a big part of his childhood, and he continues with these traditions in his personal and professional life, passing the knowledge to others through freelance writing. Almo is also an editor for Outdoor Empire.