“I like to keep this handy for close encounters.” Immortal words from the late Corporal Hicks in the film Aliens. He says this as he removes a short barreled, pistol grip only Ithaca 37 from his shotgun scabbard. The shotgun scabbard as an idea has seen massive popularity with the release and immediate love of weapons like the Shockwave 590, and the Remington TAC-14. Unfortunately, most of them are cheaply made crap populating the pages of Amazon. The good news is that Beez Combat Systems is making a professional grade shotgun scabbard for both full-size shotguns and short barreled shotguns. The model I am reviewing today is the short barreled scabbard GRID model.

Shotgun Scabbard
The GRID Allows You To Attach Extra Gear

Pistol grip only shotguns have traditionally been a very niche weapon, used mostly for breaching. In these roles, its a secondary or even tertiary weapon and it tends to get in the way. Trying to pack a rifle, a handgun, as well as your daily gear on a plate carrier alongside a massive dangling 12 gauge shotgun is not exactly easy. Especially if you are trying to climb, like when boarding a ship, or taking a ladder, etc. The Beez Combat System Short barrel scabbard makes it easy to tote that extra shotgun around.

The BCS Shotgun Scabbard: Handy for close encounters

Additionally, this scabbard will fit other short barreled weapons, like a Mare’s Leg lever action pistol or my little 80 percent lower AR pistol. However, I’m using it as a pure shotgun scabbard.

The Beez Combat Systems Short Barrel Scabbard

The first thing that sets this apart from those shitty Amazon specials is the craftsmanship and quality put into this shotgun scabbard. The stitching is done cleanly, and there are plenty of stress points that feature an X stitch and plenty of reinforcement throughout the scabbard. The rear of the scabbard features a GRID cut for MOLLE attachments. This laser cut GRID is extremely low profile and well done. It offers plenty of room to attach a variety of accessories to the kit. To me, this is perfect for attaching a hydration pack to. This will make gear organization much easier.

The BCS Shotgun Scabbard: Handy for close encounters

The scabbard doesn’t just go across your back with a single strap. Instead, the BCS Shotgun scabbard is built more like a backpack than a bow’s quiver. There are two models, one with padded shoulder straps and one with standard straps. As you can see these are quite well padded and very comfortable. The width helps distribute the weight of your weapon and any added accessories.

There is also a belt that goes across hips to help keep the kit secure as well as distribute the weight even more. It can be easily removed if you do not like it. Lastly, there is a chest strap to help better secure the straps and keep the shotgun scabbard centered. At the opening is another strap to retain your weapon and to keep it from taking a fall.

The BCS Shotgun Scabbard: Handy for close encounters

The inside of the BCS Short Barrel Scabbard is smooth and allows the weapon to glide in an out. The portion that sits against your back is heavily padded to prevent the weapon from digging into your shoulders if you carry the gun without a plate carrier on.

The BCS Shotgun Scabbard: Handy for close encounters

Tossing a Shotgun Scabbard On

I tested the BCS Short Barrel Scabbard with both gear on and without gear. I see this as being a dual purpose piece of gear. From a tactical perspective, it does give you an easy way to carry a secondary shotgun for breaching, less lethal, and other shotgun tasks. From an everyday perspective, the shotgun scabbard is perfect for carrying a TAC-14 or Shockwave on a hike or in the brush. These weapons are well suited as brush guns due to their short design, the fact they can kill everything from a snake to a bear with ease.

The BCS Shotgun Scabbard: Handy for close encounters

With gear on I found this shotgun scabbard to be plenty adjustable to make up for the plate carriers. I ride my gear tight so the scabbard rode a little high on my back, this put the belt right below my PC. I could tighten the straps once it was on to really cinch everything down. When it was nice and tight I had no issues reaching back, gripping the shotgun and drawing it.

The BCS Shotgun Scabbard: Handy for close encounters

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Replacing the shotgun was slightly complicated. It requires a tactical pause if you will to maintain safety and ensure you don’t flag yourself. I always kept an empty chamber when the gun was in the shotgun scabbard.

The BCS Shotgun Scabbard: Handy for close encounters

If I was on a  team I would make replacing the breaching shotgun a two-man affair.

The BCS Shotgun Scabbard: Handy for close encounters

Without Gear

Without gear I still found the scabbard to be quite comfortable. It fits across the shoulders quite well and the padding does an excellent job of preventing the gun from digging into your back. It’s just as easy to remove and honestly easier to replace without gear. I went on a long nice walk over a piece of private property I own. I walked for roughly an hour, checking fence lines, and generally enjoying Florida mornings. Never did I feel the weight of the TAC-14, loaded with 5 rounds of buckshot, in my shoulders of back.

As a camping or hiking companion, this shotgun gets the job done, and does so comfortably.

The BCS Shotgun Scabbard: Handy for close encounters

Parting Shots on a Shotgun Scabbard

The Beez Combat Systems Short Barrel Scabbard is a great piece of gear. As a shotgun scabbard, it works wonderfully. The scabbard fits the guns well, it is extremely well built, and most importantly it’s comfortable and accessible. Beez Combat Systems makes a lot of gear, from brilliant plate carriers to chest rigs. Its good to see a high end, professional grade company producing a professional grade shotgun scabbard. If you want one of your own, check out BCS here, and let ’em know we sent you.