Not long ago we brought you the first look at the Regent BR9 imported by LKCI, LLC and manufactured by Tisas.  The Regent BR9 appears to be a finely-machined rendition of the Browning High Power (or “Hi-Power” for you friendly folks).  Despite the High Power being in service for more than half a century I hadn’t had the opportunity to shoot one.  FN ceased production and originals are priced out of my budget.

Naturally I was elated to get to try the Regent BR9.  I did however have some concerns.  Would this old design function with modern loads?  Was that hammer going to bite the web of my hand?  I hit the range with a variety of 9mm ammunition ranging in weight from 165gr down to 90gr.  Hollow points, subsonics, stubby rounds and pointy rounds.

John Moses Browning has often been credited as the greatest firearm designer of all time, would this modern rendition hold true to that?  Take a look at the video below to find out.

Rounds tested:

  • Freedom Munitions 165gr Hush
  • Remington HTP 147gr
  • Hornady Steel Match 125gr HAP
  • Blazer 124gr Aluminum Case
  • Blazer Brass 124gr
  • Federal Premium Law Enforcement 124gr HST
  • Hornady American Gunner 115gr XTP
  • MagTech First Defense 92.6gr SCHP
  • Winchester Super Clean 90gr

Field Accuracy was tested by firing five shots from seven yards using Nosler 115gr Match ammunition.

The hammer did bite me, but after a quick shift in grip it never bit me again.  With my large hands it just means learning your equipment, not a design flaw or failure of the gun.  Overall I am very impressed with this handsome gun and it has certainly earned a spot in my range rotation.

From my experience with the Regent BR9 I feel confident in recommending it.  Be it for a Browning fan or not, the BR9 is an excellent piece on the range.

Photo by author.