Not long ago we brought you a First Look at the Regent SP1 manufactured by Tisas and imported by LKCI, LLC.  The SP1 is a compensated, full-size 9mm handgun built with an aluminum frame and steel slide.  Between the all-metal construction and compensated barrel I was excited to get the SP1 on the range and see how it runs.

Following our standard protocol the SP1 was tested for its ability to run with a full magazine +1, variety of loads, and then a field accuracy test of five shots from seven yards using Nosler 115gr Match ammunition.  See the video below for results.

Each test has its purpose.  The “Full Mag +1” tests magazine spring tension and feed reliability.  The “What’s for Dinner” test tosses in the variables of different bullet weights, recoil impulses, and bullet shapes.  We wrap it up with field accuracy.  Field accuracy does have the variable of human ability, but is also when I collect some thoughts about concentrated shots with the pistol.  Ammunition Tested included:

  • 115gr Freedom Munitions Remanufacturerd
  • 165gr Freedom Munitions Hush
  • 147gr HTP Remington
  • 125gr HAP Hornady Steel Match
  • 124gr FMJ Blazer Aluminum
  • 124gr FMJ Blazer Brass
  • 124gr HST Federal Premium Law Enforcement
  • 115gr XTP Hornady American Gunner
  • 92.6gr SCHP Magtech First Defense
  • 90gr FMJ Winchester Super Clean
  • 115gr JHP Nosler Match

The Regent SP1 performed very nicely.  Proof positive that the compensation was bleeding off some energy was evident in the different ejection patterns, but aside from the Hornady Steel Match not locking the slide back everything ran flawlessly.  Accuracy proved excellent with Nosler Match Ammunition.

Accurate, reliable, and pleasant to shoot, the Regent SP1 impressed me.  If you want one of your own you’ll have to contact the importer, LKCI, LLC.  Finding a holster may be a challenge, but that won’t stop the SP1 from being a great range gun, especially for those looking for something softer and more comfortable to shoot.

Photos by author.