Not long ago we brought you an up-close look at the Roadhouse AR-10 in .308 from Spike’s Tactical.  Ambidextrous controls and no detail overlooked describes this battle tank of a rifle.  On a bitter-cold morning with sleet accenting the weather I hit the range for testing.

Does the cold impact ammunition performance? Yes.  Does the cold impact the metal’s performance?  Potentially.  I shot and filmed regardless because we don’t get to decide the weather.  Wouldn’t you rather see how a gun runs in less-than-ideal conditions?  Of course you do.  That’s why you read TheArmsGuide.

Testing including fowling the barrel and heating up the rifle with some initial function checks.  Since not every AR-10 is built to the same specifications we first check magazine compatibility.  This test checks for fitment compatibility with magazines from MagPul, Brownell’s, C-Products, Hexmag, and IMI Defense.  Malaysian military surplus ammo is used in mag testing.  Once that’s complete it’s time for real-world accuracy.

Five-shot groups fired at a moderate cadence with a variety of loads.  Not everyone has premium ammunition on hand, or even the correct load weight available.  125gr FederalTactical Urban Rifle, 168gr Federal Gold Medal Match, 168gr Speer Gold Dot, and 175gr RDF Nosler Match are tested.  To show you real-world shooting the footage is left uncut.  You will see in real time how quickly or slowly the groups are fired.

Test equipment included the Stinger Rest from Caldwell and Leupold VX3i LRP in a Warne XSKEL mount.  Showing you every hit on target is the Ballistic Precision Target Camera from Caldwell.

The Roadhouse is am impressive rifle.  As I’m sure you’ll see in the magazine testing the rifle just begs to be shot quicker and quicker.  Mild recoil and easy handling make the Roadhouse a rifle that is difficult to put down.  For more information visit the Spike’s Tactical product page.