Thureon Defense builds a variety of pistol-caliber carbines in your choice of caliber (including 10mm!) and magazine compatibility.  Earlier we gave you our first look at one in 9mm that feeds from Glock magazines.  Unlike most other pistol-caliber carbines Thureon builds them from the ground up for pistol calibers.  This makes for a receiver that is shorter, slimmer, and lighter than many of the “AR”-based versions.

AR fans need not fret.  Pistol grip, trigger, safety, and stock are all compatible with the wide range of aftermarket AR parts.

Left-handed charging, and an appropriately short stroking bolt cycle makes Thureon rifles very quick-handling.  We hit the range with ours and conducted our standard multi-mag and multi-load testing.  Although there are many after-market magazine manufacturers, not all work in every gun.  Tested were magazines from ETS, Glock, Jagemann, new-production Korean, ProMag, and SGM Tactical.

The multi-load test is meant to check for cycling ability with different projectile weights and bullet profiles.  Testing included 165gr HUSH from Freedom Munitions, Browning 147gr BPT, Federal 124gr HST, Hornady 115gr XTP, Federal 100gr FTX, Fiocchi 92gr EMB, and the 65gr Civil Trainer from Liberty.  For accuracy testing the Nikon BLACK Force 1000 was slapped into a Warne XSKEL mount and Sig EPA and Nosler 115gr Match ammo grouped at 50 yards.

Performance was excellent.  What makes this carbine special for me is the ingenuity.  Far from the norm, and certainly not a simple re-branding of someone else’s parts.  Thureon designs, manufactures, and builds their own. The opportunity to select your favorite caliber, and have the gun feed from your favorite magazines is certainly uncommon.  You can take a look at Thureon’s other offerings on their website here.