Body armor is not always the first thing on the mind of firefighters, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and other first responders. In today’s world, however, it is just as important for firefighters, EMS and first responders to be protected. Lightweight body armor can help in situations involving any potential for gunfire or stab or spike possibilities.

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Bob Kollar – Lieutenant Cleveland Fire Department (Retired)

Bob Kollar is a retired Lieutenant of the Cleveland Fire Department. He served for 25 years and offers a great deal of experience in body armor procurement for firefighters and other government agencies/departments.

One of our resident experts, Kollar shares his knowledge related to body armor for Firefighters, EMS, and other First Responders.

When do you need the protection?

There are many instances in which firefighters/EMS may need ballistic protection. Retired Cleveland firefighter Bob Kollar shares several situations that you may or may not think about often.

What kind of plates do you need?

Retired Cleveland firefighter Bob Kollar addresses the various types of body armor plates you may need on the job and why it’s important to consider the kinds of situations you experience on a regular basis.

*Article courtesy of ShotStop Ballistics