The SIG P365 shook the industry up when it appeared. Not just another polymer mini concealed carry gun, the P365 is a big gun is a small frame. SIG has put 10+1 rounds in a flush fitting magazine. The P365 challenges mini-guns like the Glock 43 in size but with almost double the magazine capacity.

Sig has just made the P365 even better with recent up grades. Using customer feedback, they have made several tweaks to keep the P365 leading the field.

Minor spring adjustments have been made to increase reliability.

All new P365s ship with X-Ray 3™ day/night sights. P365 owners who wish to upgrade their original P365 SIGLITE® sights can contact customer service to have X-Ray 3s sights shipped to them at no charge.

Finally, to reduce the potential of barrel or slide wear in pistols with a tighter tolerance stack, they have made two relief cuts to the barrel reducing wear and keeping guns looking new.

Sig constantly seeks customer feedback and continues to upgrade their guns. The P365 keeps getting better.