“Elite Performance Ammunition” is a presumptuous name.  How does it perform?

Sig Sauer’s 168gr .308 ammunition is competitively priced and performs well.  With a couple boxes for testing we recently had the chance to run it through our 26″ Marlin X7VH.

The X7VH has a preference for 168gr so we knew it would be a match.  A bright  Nikon Monarch 7 on top made 100yd targets easily seen.  The Northwest weather even cooperated and shooting conditions were great.

How did it perform?  Does it live up to the name Elite Performance Ammunition?  Watch the video and judge for yourself:

We had one failure to fire that could not be blamed on the rifle.  All other rounds lit off with a bit more muzzle flash than average.  Elevation was approximately 300 ft.  Air temperature approximately 35 Fahrenheit.