The Sig P320 is an amazing pistol in my opinion and that’s all that matters so that’s the end of the review. Just kidding, but we’re going to go in depth on this pistol. The P320 quickly has become my everyday pistol, my fighting pistol and my nightstand pistol. I’m a 1911 guy so I purchased the P320 Compact in .45 ACP. If I’m in a high-stress environment and I need to use my pistol I like running 7+1 or 8+1 low capacity firearms for a sidearm. I have found that with higher capacity pistols with my heartbeat going, I tend to not be as accurate. I can’t tell you why because I’m not that way with an M4 but with pistols, it’s just how I’ve always been. I guess I just get careless with a shot here or there but with a lower capacity magazine, I tend to focus on every single round making sure I hit the target.

The P320 is a polymer Striker fire pistol that really rocked the world. Glock is king in the striker fire industry but Sig Sauer is giving them a run for their money with the P320 in my opinion. The P320 is lightweight but shoots like it’s heavy. It’s easier to keep on target through multiple rounds even shooting .45acp. I have not done the voluntary upgrade on the trigger (I never keep one in the chamber unless I’m overseas) so therefore I just never found a need for it. Eventually I will put a Gray Guns trigger on there but for now, she is stock. The trigger still wasn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be after about 200 rounds. It just needed a break in. 1000 rounds later and the trigger felt amazing.

About 4 months after I had bought it, I decided I wanted a full-size pistol. I ended up buying a complete full-length p320 slide to put on my Compact grip module. To this day I’ve never put my compact slide back on there. Its accuracy is unmatched. It gives me the accuracy of full-size pistols minus the bulk that a full size has on the grip module. It’s a win-win for me. I have Siglite night sights that I surprisingly love. They’re bright and easy to see in low light conditions. The only complaint I will say about the P320 is that the .45 carry mags are near impossible to find. I was lucky enough to meet a guy that had about 20 of them so I ended up purchasing a few from him to complete my overseas loadout.

Overall after 14,000 rounds downrange, I truly have never had a problem with this pistol. It’s become my go-to pistol. It feels great, shoots great, functions great, it’s everything I want in a pistol.

Author – AJ P. Is a former US Navy Sailor who made the transition to private military contracting. He currently is working as a DoD contractor on the east coast. In his free time he enjoys training, shooting and hunting.