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This article on the Sig P320 was written by Lieutenant Dave Bahde (retired), who has been a professional firearms instructor and consultant for more than two decades. He has assisted tactical teams and police departments in firearms selection, implementation and deployment. 

Ever since Sig Sauer won the U.S. Army’s MHS (Modular Handgun System) contract with a version of the Sig P320, the detractors have emerged from the woodwork like insects in a dark kitchen.

Anything but new, it’s a part of the process. Every time a large government contract is awarded this happens. Cries of favoritism, irregularities in testing, bias, you name it. Losers question the process, while fanatics denigrate the winner espousing the benefits of their choice. You would think it was a football game, not a pistol contract. There is just no way their product could have lost, the fix must be in.

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The XM17/18 project is no exception — for those who lost there is just no way the Sig P320 “is that good,” is it? Police agencies are lining up to transition to the P320, and even in this slow market Sig Sauer is doing all they can to keep up with demand. Maybe, just maybe, it is that good.

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