I asked Sig to send us the Romeo 4 after a question for posed on a closed forum, and no one had any information on the performance or availability of this red dot.  The internet information is pretty sparse still, with Sig’s own website giving enough information to convince an interested buyer that it’s worth a trip to a local retailer.

I had the opportunity to use the sight extensively with an M4 platform, and at this point know of several agencies which chose to equip their patrol rifles with it.

Sig Sauer Romeo 4 Red Dot – Micro Frame, Major Reliability

The expectation that the Sig Sauer reliability should apply here is not unfounded, and the sight proves that it can take a beating in a light, slick package, with some very functional features.  What’s more unexpected, is the fact that you can find the Romeo 4 for under $300, and still get the quality and performance expected from the brand.

The first impression lays the foundation that the sight is easy, and intuitive to use.  It comes with an integrated quick-detach mounting platform, which is secure, and really easy to place on and off the rail.  I was surprised how easily it achieved co-witness.

The only other tool you need to manipulate the sight comes with it, and chances are once you have it the way you like it, you will not have manipulate it too often.  If regular furniture can be described as fang-shui, then the Romeo series of red dots should be also.  It’s certainly very ergonomic and esthetic.

The fact that the Romeo 4 doesn’t take up a lot of room on the rail is a plus not only in regards to the appearance, but also functionality.  Clearance for other optics, magnifiers, and back-up sights, and the ability to manipulate it all under stress and in gloves, is exceptional.

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