Jim “Smokey” West has a great evening in store for us in New York City on December 8. We just spoke to him this week and you’re going to love it.At one of our favorite places (a bar) Jim will demonstrate and teach (with audience members participating) skills to help you win a street fight—or any other confrontation you’re in at close distances.

The world today is a dangerous, unpredictable place. We know a lot of you guys train, practice concealed carry and generally prepare yourselves for whatever comes next. This is the perfect event to add to your prep. Sometimes the fight comes to you, and if all you have is your bare hands to protect yourself and your family—you’ll want Jim’s knowledge in your head so you can come out on top.

Sign up now. Space is limited. For $49 you’ll get first-rate knowledge and advice from a proven fighter—and share an evening with your fellow Crate Club members.

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