While there is a lot of paper work required to purchase a suppressor, you should consider owning and using suppressors. Silent Legion is a veteran-owned business which makes a full spectrum of rifle and handgun suppressors in many calibers. Known for a no-compromise attitude in both product and personal integrity, when they give you their word, it’s a lifetime guarantee.

Silencers, better described as sound suppressors, reduce noise and prevent damage to shooters’ hearing and mitigate recoil. They can increase accuracy and generally make shooting safer for shooters and bystanders.

Not one of the new companies springing up, Silent Legion’s people are long-time firearms industry professionals, and understand the needs of the military and law enforcement, as well as the needs of shooters and hunters. They have been delivering cutting edge gun and accessory designs for decades and take a lot of pride in staying ahead of the pack.

The name underlines their core philosophy of strength, honor and a belief in helping others. Silent Legion products are made to certified and exacting standards with a lifetime warranty. It’s a level of performance that few suppressor manufacturers can equal. Whatever you need with your Silent Legion suppressor, whether it’s a QD mount, a tool, or both; it comes with your purchase.


While suppressors are quite legal in most states, the are overlapping laws to obey. Silent Legion has a great page on “How to get started”