Dmitry Sinkevich’s latest custom offering is the Vifaru, an unconventional model from the Belarus-based knife maker. One of the smallest customs Sinkevich has ever dreamed up, the Vifaru is designed to be an ergonomic cutting machine that can still fit into a watch pocket.

Recent collaborations like the ZT 0450 and ZT 0456 demonstrate that Sinkevich is capable of putting out designs in a broad range of sizes and styles. Many of Sinkevich’s custom knives are larger, but as these production offerings have circulated, collectors became interested in smaller Sinkevich customs. “Though I usually carry and use larger knives such as ZT 0452 and ZT 0850, I certainly get tons of positive vibes from smaller pieces, as well,” Sinkevich says.

With an RWL34 blade just 2.2-inches in length, the Vifaru is certainly small, but its exaggerated trailing point and matching handle give it a stubbiness that distinguishes it from anything he has done before. The more slender ZT 0460 also features a trailing point, but Sinkevich took some unusual inspiration for the Vifaru’s blade. “I was inspired by the rounded shape of a furrier’s knife, by a bowie, by Persian blades, and even by pizza slicers,” he says. “This blade shape is excellent for long straight cuts, skinning game – and of course slicing pizza.”

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Photo courtesy of Knife News