Want to take your firearms training up a notch? What about your reality-based self-defense training?

Combatives students who are practicing firearm disarming techniques need visual reinforcement that they are not being shot while attempting their particular techniques; the SIRT pistol offers this and more!

SIRT pistols display a red laser dot when trigger slack is taken up and then once the trigger is fully pressed, a red or green (depending on model) laser dot appears indicating the exact trajectory of a fired projectile. The trigger automatically resets so no slide manipulation is required. On the downside, the slide does not actually move and cannot be cycled for any type of malfunction drills. That being said, the magazines do eject and are changeable so malfunction drills can be simulated.

In terms of neurological and psychological learning methodology, the visual cues displayed are a huge benefit for those attempting to learn or preserve the psychomotor skill of firearms shooting. The majority of people are predominantly visual learners. Police and military may tend to be secondarily kinesthetic and tactile learners. The SIRT pistol and the rifle bolt kits offer both visual cues as well as the kinesthetic and tactile stimulation that allows incredible learning to take place.

The only possible drawback is that batteries do not last forever. I personally did not experience a battery issue while testing and evaluating these pistols but they will not last forever. Given the cost of range time and ammunition, not to mention convenience, purchasing batteries from time to time for these SIRT pistols should not be cost prohibitive nor outweigh the benefits derived from keeping a perishable skill preserved, that being your shooting skill.

So there you have it, the SIRT solution to firearms training. Get one and see for yourself. You will not regret it.

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*Photo courtesy of nextleveltraining.com