Depending on where you are In the world, there is always a few places victimizers prefer to do some of their initial targeting. Baggage claim is such a place.

It is a place where people are expected to stand around and look for some one. Observation of others is part of the base line there. Criminals know this and use the space to pick the perfect victim. They sometimes make approaches with foreigners here recommending specific hotels or taxi companies posing as travelers themselves. Keep this in mind.

Baggage claim is not a place where you should be social or spend too much time in. Slap a “Fragile” sticker on your bag so it gets placed on top of the rest of the luggage, it might make it get placed on carousel first.

Have transportation already figured out before you leave home.

Get the ‘Endemics‘ down in your pre movement notes.

Stillness is death.

Author – Ed is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. He runs seminars and private training specific to anti-abduction, escapology, free hand and unconventional edged weapons work. He is also director of Libre Fighting Systems in Mexico.

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