This is the best use of the SKS rifle that I have ever seen. It fires one round with each trigger manipulation, so it is not technically a machine gun. It has an effective safety, and near as I can tell, non-detachable box magazines which makes it a cuddly, Joe-Biden friendly hunting rifle. If you hear a prowler, just take this baby out on the balcony and let a few rounds fly. That should do it.

There was a time in America when you could buy a Chinese SKS for less than $100. With their lack of reliability, function, and decent finish, they were not worth it, even at that price. This guy must have bought a case of them before he figured that out. Rather than give them to people he didn’t like, he made something awesome.

I believe that each time I fire a round, it gets that bullet of the street and saves a child’s life. I could save whole school districts worth of kids with one of these. If it saves just one life…we have to try.

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