The Skallywag Gladium is another great option for a low cost, yet quality blade to have on your body for personal defense or EDC. I like the fact that this is a fixed blade karambit style blade that can be deployed quickly to deal with a threat.

The sheath that comes with the Gladium is a basic kydex sheath that can be worn as a neck knife. There are a few grommet holes in the sheath allowing you to get creative with mounting options. I have ordered a Gladium and am looking forward to carrying it as my daily carry. I’m going to try to play around with some mounting option to wear it inside the waistband. Once I get my blade (it’s on order!) and figure out how I’m going to run the blade, I’ll write a follow up article explaining everything in detail.

Skallywag Tactical Gladium | Quick Look
Gladium blade with sheath (top)

Until then head on over the Skallywag Tactical and pick up your Gladium today! For $30 you can’t go wrong with this bad-ass chunk of steel.

From the Skallywag Website:

  • When you have been boarded and overran it’s time to take out the Gladium
  • 440 Stainless, black stone wash finish
  • Comes with Kydex sheath
  • 5″overall, 3mm thickness

(Images courtesy of Skallywag FaceBook Page)

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