The ability to have comms and navigation when traveling is critical these days. On a trip to Europe, I used my cell phone and just added on an international plan while overseas. Although that temporary data plan only cost me an additional $10 a day, I still went over my monthly data limit and got hit for an additional $15 overage fee. For the 7 days I spent over in Europe I ended up having to fork out an additional $85 on top of my monthly plan. In addition to that, the coverage I had was very spotty and at times had no signal. In this situation, the Skyroam Solis would have been a welcome solution for both myself and my co-worker. That fact that you pay a one time cost for the unit ($149.99) and basically pay as you go for service (5-day pass for $40), sure as hell beats any legacy cellular plan for data when traveling.

Add on to that the fact that the Skyroam Solis has a built-in 6000 mAh charger to keep your electronics topped off throughout your travels. If you travel the world for business or pleasure or just enjoy the nomadic lifestyle, the Solis should be on your packing list.

Skyroam Solis is your smart travel companion, the all-in-one global 4G LTE hotspot and power bank. Travel the world with speedy 4G LTE mobile connectivity shareable on 5 devices and 6000 mAh power for keeping your gadgets charged on the go. Zero hassle – goodbye SIMS, roaming charges, overage fees. Enjoy the freedom of staying connected and powered around the world! –Skyroam


*Featured image courtesy of Skyroam