Looking at it, the SJK Thermal Cloak really looks like an oversized sleeping bag, but it’s actually a hunting blind. It gives you cover and reduces your chances of detection when in use outdoors. I’m going to start off and tell you I really enjoyed using this item over a 30 day period.

It comes with a great looking Kryptek® camouflage pattern that blends really well into the outdoors and includes a tree stand stuff sack. They also offer a Mandrake pattern and this too is well suited for the outdoors. Their cloak is made of durable, lightweight materials and is strongly constructed. It weighs so little and can be tightly packed. I packed this on my bicycle for my 300 mile ride and this can be put into any vehicle without taking a lot of space-It squeezes down to the size of a large football.

If you’ve ever hunted then you’ll know what I mean by getting “cold soaked” patiently seated and waiting to make your move. Thanks to SJK for giving us the SJK Tactical Thermal Cloak. There are a lot of smart features built into this cloak that makes it different from SJK’s competitors. First off, it really does offer a lot of protection from the elements, while simultaneously providing you cloaking ability. The cloak will keep both the cold and wind out as it is waterproofed and seam taped. It also keeps my least favorite element out-rain. It has a warming 160 g of synthetic thermal insulation.

Going from top to bottom:

One of the best features is the fleece filled hood and around the collar area that makes it comfortable and warm. The hood can be pulled over your head easily. There is a rear elastic retention band for hood adjustment. You can adjust your comfort by cinching it tighter or looser very easily. I liked this feature because some hoods are too bulky or oversized and can interfere with shooting and this one offers excellent visibility and hearing. Nothing worse than not being able to have peripheral vision and hearing when you need it most.

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