The Roadhouse Tarp is a simple shelter optimized for hunting, camping or off-road vehicle adventure. Easy to set up and tear down, it is lightweight and compact allowing nearly infinite configurations from almost anywhere, on or off of your rig.

The Roadhouse is made of durable 68D Polyester and has a 1200mm coating. The vehicle attachment system utilizes 1” webbing and side release buckles. Two strong 8’ powder coated steel poles match up with reinforced guy points to hold up in strong winds which would shred other tarps.

Attaching the tarp is easy. It is dead basic with some clever features.  Adjustable long straps with quick-snap attachment loops can be attached anywhere and easily tightened or loosened. This makes set up and tear down fast for a quick getaway. All the components have stuff bags for organization.

Slumberjack's Roadhouse Tarp: Shade and Shelter for Vehicular Adventure
The straps and buckles of the Roadhouse make rigging a snap.

I tried attaching it to several vehicles. You can attach it to any side of your rig via the roof racks, tires, hood latches, mirrors, rock rails, anywhere. You can rig it to trees, improvise poles, tie it up and stake it down. You could connect Roadhouse between two vehicles or as a fly on another shelter.

I spend a lot of time on ranges teaching and shooting. My truck has a four-panel Bakflip tonneau cover on the bed. When I  fold it up, everything in the bed is exposed to the sun or rain. I wanted to protect the bed for access and camping as well as create a shady and dry workspace on the tailgate. The Roadhouse is perfect.

Slumberjack's Roadhouse Tarp: Shade and Shelter for Vehicular Adventure
Slumberjack’s Roadhouse Tarp rigged over a Bakflip cover

With the tonneau cover against the back window, I was able to fasten the tarp without issue, five well-placed straps have adjustable lengths and fastener options to rig the tarp in several configurations from mess fly to truck bed cover. The overall length allows sheltered camping in the truck bed or work area off the tailgate.

You can erect a large sheltered area with the Roadhouse Tarp. My favorite configuration is two poles in the grommets at the rear of the tarp. In heavy rain, a single pole at the rear of the tarp would provide a steeper pitch to slough off water. A third option would be stand alone with a single pole on each end of the tarp with guy wires securing it to the ground.

Slumberjack's Roadhouse Tarp: Shade and Shelter for Vehicular Adventure
Slumberjack’s Roadhouse Tarp rigged as a rain fly


  • 3-in-1 tarp provides shelter for hunting, camping & off road adventures
  • Unique attachment system easily connects to any vehicles
  • Includes two heavy duty, 96″ tall steel poles
  • Includes 8 super-duty 10″ steel stakes
  • Includes heavy duty reflective guy lines
  • Carry bag included


  • Packaged Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz
  • Dimensions: 160″ x 103/192″
  • Packed Size: 25″ x 7″ x 7″
  • Peak Height: 96″
  • Poles: 2 steel poles (96″ tall, 5 segments each)
  • Fly Material: 68D polyester / 1200mm coating

The tarp comes with 2 poles. Each pole consists of 5 sections which connect securely making its height adjustable and also making the poles stronger. The tarp stakes are tough but you need a hammer to get them into hard ground. I always carry Army surplus tent pegs in my shelter kit. They will hold in sand and mud when thin pins will not hold. They provide options.

Slumberjack's Roadhouse Tarp: Shade and Shelter for Vehicular Adventure
Slumberjack’s Roadhouse Tarp provides plenty of stand up workspace.

There is a set of five tie-down lines with small triangular tighteners. These grabbers have teeth that lock the lines in place and are easily adjusted when necessary. The tarp is basically a sail to catch the wind and there is a lot of surface area. If you put the stakes down and adjust the tie downs, the roadhouse isn’t going anywhere.

I have had it out in the rain a couple of times. There is some side protection, but if the wind comes up you get some side rain. If you leave a low spot, water will collect, but it is a simple matter to adjust the tie downs to raise spots which collect water.

The Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp‘s 68-denier polyester material and a generous peak height of 96 inches make this shelter durable and highly versatile, great for any application.  There is room to work or relax without filling the truck with a duffel bag of tents.

You can get your Roadhouse Tarp for $119.95