Slysteel is preparing to roll out the Skeletek Dagger, the latest addition to their line of fixed blades. Living up to its name, the knife’s laddered skeletonization gives users more options for paracord wrapping, so they can end up with the handle shape and thickness they want. It’s the first knife out of the Slysteel shop in 2017 but company founder Oliver Hannan says it won’t be the last.

Wrapping a skeletonized handle in paracord is nothing new, but according to Slysteel the 7.5 oz., 3 7/8”-bladed Skeletek takes the idea to the next level. “It allows the user to wrap it to create a grip contoured to their hand,” Hannan explains. Whether users need it for bushcraft, normal cutting chores, or survival functions, the Skeletek’s handle can be adapted to accommodate the task at hand.

Slysteel Skeletek Dagger Lets Users Pick Their Grip

But, Hannan makes it clear that it isn’t meant to be a one-knife solution. “Its primary purpose is self-defense, but if you need it to it can fill multiple niches.” Slysteel also includes a set of G-10 grip scales as an additional option.

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