American Clandestine Equipment has launched its new SMG9-SC suppressor designed for use with the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1/A1.

Precision machined from 7075-T651 aluminum, the SMG9-SC features 12 clipped ported baffle cones and a large internal volume that offers up a sound reduction of 32.5 decibels. According to the product listing, the baffle design minimizes zero point shift to less than 2 MOA and the first round pop is completely eliminated.

The SMG9-SC weighs in at 10.75 ounces, measures 8.75 inches in total length and has a 1.605-inch diameter. The can is also full auto rated to 90 rounds while also being 9mm+P capable. Meanwhile, an adjustable 1/2-28 threaded mount made specifically for the CZ Scorpion uses the stock compensator catch “providing a rigid mount that prevents loosening of the suppressor during movement or when firing,” the company says. The mount indexes to the same position each time it’s installed.

In addition, the SMG9-SC is fully user serviceable and can be easily maintained. The inside of the baffle cones contains combustion gasses and prevents build up from seizing the baffles in the main tube. The end cap lugs and included service tool are big enough to support the torque needed to remove a stuck cap without damaging the cap or tool, the product listing states. Furthermore, the blast chamber design and service tool aid in the removal of the baffle stack for cleaning. The serve tools are made of Delrin, a high-strength engineering plastic.

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Photo by American Clandestine Equiupment