AR-10s seem to be on the rise.  My theory is that everyone already has an AR-15 (or three) and are looking for something a little different.  .308 ammunition is plentiful, and if you shop smartly can be found for under $0.50 per round.  The extra whallop, increased hunting potential, and tribute to Eugene Stoner’s original intent can’t be denied.

Range lore used to be that AR-10s couldn’t be made reliable.  Although perhaps true when considering the wide variety of ammunition choices each having their own recoil impulse, burnt rate, and feeding needs.  Fortunately it isn’t 1950 anymore and the ability to tune gas and recoil systems combined with variety of magazines means most of these issues have been resolved.

Smith & Wesson is about as American of a gun-maker name as it gets.  Personally I haven’t reviewed many of their products as I prefer to keep off the beaten path of “common” guns.  Smith must have known this when they offered me an AR-10 that wasn’t all too common.  Take a look at the video below to see the hidden uniqueness of the M&P 10 Sport.

On the surface it looks rather plain.  Some might yawn at the traditional A2-style hand guards, but the receiver is where the magic is.  Ambidextrous controls, tensioning pads, all while camouflaging to the casual onlooker as a plain-jane rifle.  Here are the specs from the product website:

  • Features
    • Gas Block with Picatinny-Style Rail
    • Sling Swivel
    • A2 Suppressor
    • Mid-Length Handguard
    • Armornite® Finish on Barrel (Interior & Exterior)
    • Chromed Firing Pin
    • Rifling: 1 in 10”, 5R Rifling
    • Ambidextrous Safety Selector
    • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
    • Ambidextrous Bolt Release
    • Mid-Length Gas System

Keep a look out on the page feed for shooting impressions coming soon.  Before seeing them I’d like to hear your wagers: Will this be a performer?  Price-wise it competes directly against the Diamondback DB10 that impressed us earlier.