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Life is demanding. It can be a grind getting from Point A to Point B in our busy, chaotic world. Before we know it, days, weeks and even years can get behind us. We must remember that we have a choice in how we go through life, and few things are as important as stopping to enjoy small pleasures, like some of the best cigars on the planet.

Fine cigars are small pleasures that are growing in popularity. And I’m not talking about those 25-cent cigars that could fumigate a barn. We are talking about well-made, handcrafted sticks designed to allow you to enjoy a quiet moment of flavor and peace.

The world of cigars can be a bit intimidating to the uninitiated, so in the gallery above, we’ve put together a completely biased list of the 10 best cigars you can buy right now.

Smoking a cigar is designed to be a pleasurable break from the hectic nature of life. Do not be tempted to cut corners or rush the experience. A good cigar reminds us that life is supposed to be lived and not rushed through. Remember, everyone has ultimately the same destiny. We might as well take some time and enjoy the ride.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life