The guys at Snake Hound Machine have embraced the true essence of the muzzle brake compensator. Unapologetically named “The Loudener,” its designers have embraced the fact that, while it reduces recoil, both blast and noise are increased, though refocused and repurposed. Now, like the heroes in Spinal Tap, you too can turn it up to 11.

Snake Hound claims, “This concussion-enhancing muzzle device will maximize the gaseous distribution of explosive secondary chemical propellent forces from your kinetic energy ranged-engagement implement to efficiently leverage the demoralizing effect of audible and tangible acoustic transmission.”

The Loudener is a single-chamber brake. It reduces recoil by distributing the concussive shockwave in a 180-degree pattern in front of the muzzle. The laws of physics being what they are, the Loudener is roughly twice as loud as a standard A2 flash hider with the same barrel and ammo.


The Loudener is manufactured by Ares Armor and is made of 1144 stress-proof steel. The surface is treated with a good-looking marine-rated Black Zinc Chromate coating.  It is delivered in a perscription medicine bottle complete with childproof cap.  It comes with a crush washer so installation and indexing are simple as turning a wrench.

A quick trip to the range validated Snake Hounds claims.  The Loudner reduces recoil and the shooter is spared most of the noise and blast which go out at 90 degrees.  This is the perfect answer for the guy at the indoor range with the AR pistol.   You do not want to be next to this brake.

I found the Loudner pleasant to shoot and experienced a slight improvement in accuracy.  There was a noticeable recoil reduction which assisted with tracking the target through recoil and follow up shots.

They come in three flavors:

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