Snecx Tan of Snecx Design Lab is partnering up with Hoback Knives to bring the Buster knife to market. It is the first time a Snecx design will be produced in large enough quantities to get into the hands of more than just the most fortunate collectors.

In December, Tan stunned the knife world with his first folding knife design, the IFS-20. Instead of screw-together construction, the high-tech knife is held together by interlocking pin-style hardware. Many clamored for one but only five were made, and two were ever sold – the second for over $10,000.

Under pressure from a fan base desperate to own a Snecx design, Tan began talks with Jake Hoback last year, and eventually, a partnership began to materialize. “Realizing my output is very limited, collaborations like these allows my design to reach a slightly larger audience,” Tan tells us.

The Buster is a titanium frame lock flipper with a 4.125-inch hybrid cleaver-wharncliffe blade. Hoback is pushing his shop to the limit, incorporating new methods like micromachining and advanced laser cutting to ensure the knife lives up to the sky-high expectations. “It is a true collaboration piece, as it incorporates elements unique to both Jake [Hoback] and me,” Tan says.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News