The precision rifle and sniper community has been turning out a ton of readily available sniper apps. Some are very affordable and some not so much. I’m going to give Loadout Room readers an effective medium by covering the affordable and easy to use apps that I personally use. These apps have everything you’ll need to engage targets from muzzle to 2,000 yards.

Before I introduce the apps, I must stress how important it is to be able to do the basic math needed in precision shooting.  I never use sniper apps overseas. You may not have the time to punch in data to hit a target at 800-1200 yards, or, thanks to Murphy and his law, your equipment may break. You have to be able to do the math in your head.


I personally use I-Snipe. It has just about everything you need for long distance precision shooting, and at a fair price.  For the upgrade, you are also able to purchase the spin drift and Coriolis add-on, but it’s not necessary when shooting on a 1,000 yard range as both factors account for less than a 0.5 mph cross wind.

  • Range Finder
  • Range DOPE from 0-2,000 yards with adjustable range progressions
  • Bullet Path in Inches, Elev. MOA/Mil, Wind Drift MOA/Mil, Projectile Velocity, Energy, Time of Flight
  • Bullets Picture allowing you to see where your round should strike
  • Programmable ammo and weapon types (Custom and Manufactured)
  • Up to Date Weather Environmentals

Knights Armament

Knight’s Armament Bullet Flight is a military-grade ballistic computer that provides quick solutions in the field. BulletFlight does not output information in a table format. It dynamically provides the solution needed to make the shot right in the moment.

  • Up to five ballistic coefficients with corresponding velocity thresholds may be used for each profile to enhance accuracy, or use a single G1, G7, or G8 value.
  • Currently in combat use by military snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Output in inches, cm, MOA, Mils, and scope clicks.
  • Direct input for scopes with either MOA or mRad metric input (such as Schmidt & Bender).
  • Several built-in profiles for the Army’s M110 and M110C semi-automatic precision rifle, the Army’s new XM2010 sniper rifle, the 14.5 inch SR16 rifle, The 50 BMG M107, .308 M40A3, .308 M24, and the 6.5mm KAC PDW allow you to get started quickly
  • 0-3000 meters!