When you are trying to make a precision shot, any support is welcome. Whether you are at war, hunting or shooting in a three-gun competition, you can’t just go dropping your gun onto things and expect good results. The Sniper Skid Plate, available from Triad Tactical, is a simple and economical solution to shooting off of hard support.

The Sniper Skid Plate was designed by Phil Hagoes. While shooting a barricade course at Rifles Only in Texas, Phil realized that there had to be a better way to cushion a rifle than carrying a bean bag across the course. After much thought and experimentation, the Sniper Skid Plate was born.

If you support your rifle on anything hard (a wall, rock, window sill, etc.), the physics of the recoil will cause the rifle to buck and wreck your follow-up shot.

Snipers like to place a pad (such as bean bag or a jacket) between their rifles and hard support. Although this works, you don’t always have a bean bag around when you need one. The Sniper Skid Plate is always right where it is supposed to be and helps you get the reticle back down on target quickly. The Gen 2 attaches with a lace-up system using 550 cord.

This works on any gun, but is particularly well-suited for AR systems with a Picatinny rail. The interior is closed-cell foam, covered by Cordura 1000, and padded in non-skid material. The non-skid material covers both sides of the Skid Plate, creating a surface that will not slide on your stock, or on any surface you use for support.

A collateral benefit of the Sniper Skid Plate is the solid heat-proof grip provided to the support hand. Even with sustained rapid fire, the foregrip is cool to the touch.

The Sniper Skid Plate is made in America by a veteran-operated business. It is endorsed by none other than Chuck Mawhinney, a revered sniper who understands the importance of high-quality equipment in the field.Sniper Skid Plate: Faster, More Accurate Barricade Shooting


Micro= 7″ long x 1.5″ wide  (The adhesive-backed Velcro is removable with no damage to paint or wood, and it stays on securely until you’re ready to remove it.)
Small= 7″ long x 4 1/2″ wide
Large= 7 ” long x 6 1/2″ wide

Sniper Skid Plate: Faster, More Accurate Barricade Shooting

Sniper Skid Plate: Faster, More Accurate Barricade Shooting

Sniper Skid Plate: Faster, More Accurate Barricade Shooting

For hunting, three-gun, or police/military applications, the Sniper Skid Plate will make your gun easier to handle and shoot. Why don’t you already have one? If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t really trying. Precision shooting is a game of single degrees, fractions of inches and seconds—take any advantage you can.

Photos courtesy of Triad Tactical.

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