I’ve carried a snub nose revolver for 25 years, first as a back-up to my duty revolver and now my duty autoloader. I’m not ready to give up on wheel guns. Unlike many younger people in law enforcement who have never held or fired a revolver, I am comfortable with a wheel gun and recognize its versatility, dependability, and carry-ability.

The snub nose revolver is still a good choice for concealed carry, the following are reasons why it should not be written off as dead.

Snub Nose Revolver ~ Concealment


Early in my law enforcement career I was taught to carry a five-shot revolver in my front pocket. I have yet to find a handgun better designed for this type of concealment.

Of course the snub is also right at home on the ankle, tucked in the waistband (using a good ankle holster), on the belt, or elsewhere. It just works wherever and however you decide to carry it.

Snub Nose Revolver ~ Simplicity

There is no complicated manual of arms or immediate action/failure drill with a revolver. If you squeeze the trigger and the gun doesn’t fire, simply squeeze the trigger again. No safety, no damaged magazine to rip out and replace and no slide to work. Just aim and keep squeezing the trigger until your desired outcome is achieved. (DRT)

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