When it comes to true no bullshit low-vis concealed carry, Appendix Inside The Waistband (AIWB) is the way to go. If you absolutely have to carry concealed in any type of clothing without the risk of being compromised then AIWB is the way to go. There are quite a few holster makers on the market today and most of them offer some type of appendix carry option. I personally carry a full size Glock 17, so finding a holster that can successfully conceal a full size pistol and be comfortable can be somewhat of a challenge. The issue I think most of us run into is the grip of the pistol printing on our clothing. I’ve used several IWB holsters that are comfortable, but don’t address the issue of ‘printing’.

I recently came across the SOB Deep Concealment Holster, designed by John ‘Shrek’ McPhee. It’s similar to the Raven Concealment Vanguard, but offers some additional benefits like covering the muzzle of the pistol and allowing for easier re-holstering. Again with a full size pistol, I am always a little hesitant with these style holsters because they tend to not support a full framed gun as well as a standard AIWB holster. After seeing John ‘Shrek’ McPhee run this holster with a full size Glock, I was immediately intrigued.

From sobmanswag.com

Shrek’s Deep Concealed Holster is made of 100% kydex and custom built to fit Glocks. It is Made in the USA.

I have been using this design for years and dates back to the OSS in WWII. Simple concept, place cord around belt, behind pants button or tie into backpack or purse. Adjust cord for proper depth inside your waistband. Also with cord adjust length and placement inside backpack or purse. Draw and shoot, the holster will be right where you need it when the time comes. When you draw it will come out of your pants so it’s very easy re-holster. Some hard lessons learned over the years are incorporated into this design. Frist the end of the barrel is covered. This works great for purses and backpacks so you don’t get skittles and or small items lodged in the barrel, true story. Next the front sight post is covered so you don’t scrape up your junk. Nothing worse than chafing and cuts on your bubble gum. Lol. Last it covers the trigger and is cut so the holster will not interfere with your draw. This holster has been a staple of mine for years. Now I want to share it with you.

Take a look at the following videos to see John ‘Shrek’ McPhee demonstrate the various ways to employ this holster.

Part 1 – The Belt Clip with two screws

Part 2 – The Belt Clip with a single screw

Part 3 – Cordage/Lanyard

Featured image courtesy of SOB Tactical