For some time now I have been looking for a new low profile weapon to take the place of much bulkier fixed blade knives I usually carry. I’ve had my eye on the SOB Puncher as an option and conveniently enough I ended up receiving one for review.

The SOB Puncher is a push dagger style weapon that is made out of very solid and durable G10 composite material which you usually see as just the grip portion of a knife. The overall length of the weapon is 4.4 inches with a 2.8 inch blade. The handle and the blade are all one piece. Both of the sides of the knife has an edge and comes to a sharp and surprisingly durable point. The handle fits very nicely in the hand and can comfortably be gripped even when driven deeply into whatever unlucky material is on the receiving end.

The kydex sheath keeps the weapon in place very firmly but also allows for a nice cross-body draw. The belt clip on the sheath allows for a very concealable owb mount. My only complaint it that there is only one way to mount it, horizontally. There is no way to carry the weapon vertically or even on the right side of the body for a left hand draw. It works out well for me because that is how I want to carry it, but it is not very versatile in that aspect.

The SOB Puncher | An Emergency Backup Weapon

The SOB Puncher setup is top-notch as far a concealment, weight and lethality. When you carry the puncher, it virtually disappears on your belt, even if you are one of those guys that wears a schmedium sized shirt to look bigger. I absolutely love this push dagger and I have been carrying it every day for a while now. If you are looking for something new to add to your edc, then this is the product for you.

Author – Wes Nanny is a former United States Marine with deployments to Afghanistan. He has also been schooled in TCCC, Assault Climbers Course, Combat Hunter Tracker Course and HRST Masters Course.