SOF Selection PT Preparation 8.4.2017

Continue to prep for the UBRR and focus on some speed work today with the runs. Speed work will help with your endurance and explosion. Work on perfect form when doing your push up and sit-up exercises. The cadre members at Selection are meticulous at grading form. The time to get it right is now. Then the graded test in the course will be a piece of cake. Remember, everyone gets graded the same.


5 x 1-mile run Go as quickly as you can with a minimum of 5-minute rest between runs. Record your average mile time.

5 x 30 seconds of Pushups.

5 x 30 seconds of Sit-ups

1 x 20 Knees-to-Elbow hanging from the pull-up bar, or until muscle failure

2 x 10 pull-ups or until muscle failure

Stretch well after completion

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