SOF Selection PT Preparation 8.5.2017

Saturday we’ll hit the legs in the gym and then hit the trail for a three-mile run over uneven terrain. The squats help build up the strength needed to carry the rucksack over long distances and overall strength. They will also improve your running as well.


More Preparation for the UBRR:

First, head into the gym:

3 x Front Squat 20-15-12 reps (lighter weight, more reps)

3 x Goblet Squats 20-15-12 reps (lighter weight, more reps)

3 x Hungarian Lunges 20-15-12 reps light weight

3 x 10 Pull-ups

3 x 10 reps Standing Arnold Press

3 x 20 Push ups

30 x “V”ups

3-mile run over uneven terrain

Stretch well after completion

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