In an exclusive sneak peek for KnifeNews readers, SOG is introducing the Baton series which reinvents the multitool from the ground up. SOG is known as an innovator that isn’t afraid to flex its creative muscles, but they completely tore up the multitool rulebook this time. “We’ve created a multitool with aesthetics unlike anything in this space,” SOG Founder Spencer Frazer tells us. “It’s a complete new way of looking at the multitool.”

The Baton might be the blade to take to places where knives are normally frowned upon. In its closed position, each model resembles a modern pen – a major departure from the usual, boxy multitool form factor. It doesn’t read like a tool, which gives a user the unspoken permission to carry it almost anywhere and also offers an element of concealment.

A SOG Baton multitool is as likely to be clipped to the inside of a laptop case as it is the inside of a pocket. The series should take SOG to a mainstream audience that includes desk jockeys who might have never carried a blade before.

The new series is part of a major multitool expansion in the SOG catalog. “We’ve never had a year where we’ve brought out so many new multitools that take a completely fresh look at what a multitool is or what it means to carry one,” says SOG Director of Marketing, Chris Cashbaugh. The Baton series, now available for pre-order, is expected to ship in early spring.

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