New for 2017 is a drastic departure from the tried and true SOG multi tool design. SOG has introduced a line of Baton multi tools as well as a pair of belt buckle multi tools referred to as the Sync 1 & 2. This departure has proven that the designers at SOG are looking for ways to produce more low-vis items for those with the need to blend in. We had an oppertunity at Shot Show to take a closer look at these innovative items.

The SOG Baton series named, Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4, consists of 4 linear shaped tools that gradually increase in both size and functionality. The Q1 is the smallest of the series and includes 4 tools. A pressurized ball point pen, scissors, a bottle opener and a medium screwdriver. The Baton Q2 is roughly the same size but it’s 4 tools include a LED light, knife, bottle opener and a medium screwdriver. The Q3 and Q4 are more robust in size and functionality but still maintain the linear baton design. The Q3 houses 13 traditional tools while the Q4 includes 10 plus a set of hex bits. From office and administrative, to outdoor adventurist the Baton family of multi tools are designed to appeal to various segments.

SOG Debuts Innovative Multi Tool lineup at Shot Show
SOG multi tool Baton Q3 image courtesy of

Another interesting design departure is the SOG Sync 1 and 2 belt buckles. Both Sync models fold into a low profile compact rectangular shape. Allowing this new multi tool to slide discreetly into the belt buckle sleeve. The main difference between the Sync 1 and 2 are the size of the tool and buckle. Both buckles include a pair of pliers, knife, scissors and a few additional typical tools. These new tools from SOG would be perfect for the gadget head that wants to wear his multi-tool or the covert operator trying to stay low-vis. In the video below, you can see how easy the Sync transforms from a belt buckle to a usable multi tool.

SOG multi-tool (Sync Belt Buckle)

Having used and reviewed SOG multi tools in the past, I hope to get my hands on either the Baton or Sync to see how it stacks up to the more traditional lineup. SOG produces some great knives, multi-tools and tomahawks and all are covered by the SOG lifetime warranty. Additionally, you can send in your SOG product for complimentary sharpening. Keep an eye out for upcoming reviews of these items on The Loadout Room.