Here’s a quick look at the SOG Gambit, a lightweight but strong and sleek karambit style blade made by SOG Knives. The SOG Gambit is full tang sheepsfoot blade that offers a unique design that suits a variety of needs. The curved 2.6 inch blade is adequate for various tasks and comes with a hard nylon sheath with a multi angle adjustable clip for easy carry. This allows you to run the blade inside the waistband or outside depending on how you like to carry. The 7.30 inch total length allows the blade to be fully concealed without getting in the way of clothing when it’s time to deploy.

SOG Gambit | First Impressions

Some could say that this is not a true Karambit blade, because of it’s shortened blade length but it still functions like one. In the Kali knife fighting world, the karambit is the go to edged weapon that gives you an extreme advantage in several ways. The hawkbill or curved blade allows you to slice through and grab control of your opponent in a hooking like manner. So far, the only drawback to the shorter blade length is that it may take some extra movement to fully hook in or take control of a physical object.

SOG Gambit | First Impressions

The Gambit releases from the sheath in a smooth fashion and clicks back into place when finished. As far as the nylon sheath goes, it too is very lightweight and can attach to any belt loop or molle attachment that you have. The adjustable clip allows for the sheath to be pivoted at any angle. This allows for a multitude of carry options, anything from a forward cant to a horizontal style carry.

SOG Gambit | First Impressions

Below are the specs provided by SOG. Overall I think this will be a great EDC blade to carry, a little different from the ordinary folding blade, but still fun to use and to see what it’s capabilities are.


  • Blade Shape: Sheepsfoot
  • Blade Length: 2.58″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.100
  • Edge Type: Straight
  • Overall Length: 7.30″
  • Product Weight: 2.80 OZ
  • Handle Color: Black
  • Handle Material: Glass-Reinforced Nylon
  • Finish: Satin Polished
  • Engravable: Yes
  • Sheath Included: Yes
  • Sheath Color: Black
  • Sheath Material: Hard Molded Nylon

Author – Chandler Brookins is a former US Navy Veteran with multiple deployments to SE Asia and The Middle East, while attached to many Tier 1 Special Operation Groups.  Chandler has also served as a Dallas Police Officer for 3 years, before focusing his efforts on civilian SERE training and security assessments.