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SOG‘s Key-Knife,  which I obtained from sponsor Base Camp Echo, is one of those brilliant little tools that makes you wonder out loud, “Why didn’t I think of this before?”  Specifically, I’m talking about how handy it is to have a cutting blade right on your keychain.  It’s possible to leave the house without any number of personal preparedness items because, simply put, you forgot them.  If you attach a tool to your keys, you won’t leave without it because, hey, you aren’t going to get very far without the keys to the car that’s transporting you.

SOG Key-Knife (from Base Camp Echo)

The idea of a key-shaped blade isn’t new.  There are a number of generic knives on the market that are the size and shape of keys with fold-out blades.  The SOG Key-Knife, however, is the first of these I have owned that locked open.  Easy to deploy and easy to disengage, this is the first keyring knife I’ve owned that wasn’t so large it was a second key fob.

SOG Key-Knife (from Base Camp Echo)

That’s the problem, usually, with carrying knives on your keychain.  Either they’re too easy to remove or they’re just too bulky.  The Key-Knife, being the size of a key, is physically convenient, while the fact that it locks open means it’s safe to use for those minor utility chores that always seem to come up.

SOG Key-Knife (from Base Camp Echo)

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