Anyone who is part of a profession or hobby that involves bad guys, the outdoors, or hunting adventures can benefit from access to a dependable knife. My personal preference has always been a fixed-blade knife. There are less moving parts (less chance of malfunction) and it generally only involves one action to utilize it (drawing it from a sheath). Although this SOG KIKU is described as small, I would consider it a full-sized, fixed-bladed knife that would be difficult to carry concealed.

The SOG KIKU is 9.76” (blade 4.9”) long and weighs in at 8.50 ounces. The fixed-blade has a drop point blade shape. SOG explains that this is a pattern commonly seen on hunting blades (basically, the tip drops slightly, allowing the tip to be thicker). I believe that this feature would help prevent the tip from breaking against bone while processing an animal. The steel used in the SOG KIKU is AUS-8 stainless steel, which is a very common steel used by knife manufacturers. The handle is linen Micarta, which is made up of layers of linen cloths that have been soaked in phenolic resin. The finished product is a material that is lightweight, strong, and can be worked into various designs.

The sheath is a hard-molded nylon with two configurations: standard drop-leg and belt clip. I work with a gun belt, and the belt clip snapped right on. Typically, I can’t use a knife like this at work because there is no way to attach it to my belt. When attached to a belt, the SOG KIKU rides close to your body (or armor), which helps prevent catching or snagging. Additionally, the sheath has a lock-in design so the knife stays secure but can still be drawn quickly.

The MSRP on the SOG KIKU is $188 (plus shipping). For what you get, I think that this is very reasonable. If you are looking for the MacGyver of knives, this is not it. This would not be your carry-everywhere, everyday knife. This is something that can be taken camping, hunting, soldiering, and then taken off when you decide to go out for some beers. If your budget isn’t huge and you need a versatile outdoorsmen knife, I believe this fits that bill. After I take the SOG KIKU on a hunting trip I will provide a more in-depth analysis.

Here is a direct link to this knife on SOG’s site.

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