SOG Specialty Knives & Tools has been expanding their line to impressive levels.  Far from just simple folders, they make multi-tools, hatchets, and now bags and packs.  Just like their knives the SOG packs are purpose-built with important details considered.  We recently had the chance to evaluate the EVAC Sling 18.  As the name describes the EVAC is a sling bag with 18 liters of capacity.  Unlike your average bag these include large panels of velcro for attaching holsters, magazines, or whatever organization you need.  Organization was definitely a forethought of SOG as this bag is loaded with compartments and organization on the interior despite the unassuming exterior appearance.

We took the bag up a mountain along Oregon’s coast and faced sun, rain, sleet, and snow in various mixes.  The bag is not waterproof, but the weave was tight enough and materials of high enough quality that our cargo stayed safe and dry.  That included sunglasses which came off and on as Oregon’s weather gods toyed with us.  An integral lined pocket protected by a hard shell kept them safe.  One of our favorite features of the SOG EVAC Sling 18 was the horizontally-oriented pockets inside the outer compartment.  Features like those are tough to describe with words alone.  See the video below to get a better feel for the bag.  Fore more info check the link here.